Buying Instruments


Alright you have worked hard, saved a bunch of money. Now you are ready to buy your dream instrument, that $6,000 custom Les Paul guitar. Or maybe it is your new amp set up. You crank it up and you can over power all the stereos within a 10 block radius.

Or maybe, you like collecting instruments. In that collection could pianos, horns, stringed instruments, you name it. Whoever you are whether you make a money playing gigs, you’re a classical nut or you just like collecting. They all share a common denominator. It can all be gone in less than a half hour.
What!?!?! You might say, but think about it is not all that out of the question. How many people lost all of their belongings in New Orleans when Katrina hit, including their instruments? What about fires? Or thieves? And let’s not for get accidents. (more…)


It is really is amazing how the guitar has been mixed with technology in recent years to the point of creating a truly digital guitar. Some might say that the music industry reached that point as soon as the electric guitar came out which uses primarily magnetic vibrations for tone and sound instead of the natural sound an acoustic guitar produces.

Now technology has taken it a step farther. To the point that technology is just as essential as picks, strings and tuning pegs, sometimes even fazing out these natural elements of a guitar. No I am not talking about Guitar Hero. While how the game was produced is pretty amazing and it is definitely a lot of fun, we all know Guitar Hero has yet create a real musician. No we are talking about something much more real. (more…)


Most of us know that the statement the Guitar makes the Guitarist is not true, but lets face it know one wants to play a guitar that you need an iron grip to keep it from buzzing.
And no one wants to play a guitar that sounds like you took it out back and beat it with a baseball bat a couple of times.

That is why no one dreams of playing a $100 Walmart special (no offence if you own a $100 Walmart Special). Not everyone can afford a six or seven hundred dollar guitar, that is where places like Ebay come in handy.

Did you shutter when you heard me talk about buying an instrument off the Internet? I know I would have a couple years back. You might be surprised hear that you can actually feel pretty safe about buying an instruments from Ebay. It’s not that you can’t buy a guitar off other Online classifieds sites (and there are a lot of them, check out this list of free classified sites), it’s just that they don’t give you the security that Ebay does.

The trick is to distinguish from those trying to rip you off and those that are honest. This lesson is all about how you can feel confident about the product you are buying and the person selling it to you on Ebay.