Guitar Tablature


Alright so you got your guitar. Its got all six strings(not necessarily a requirement, but definitely a plus). You got two hands, once again not necessarily a requirement, but definitely a plus(I’ve seen some guys do it with one hand or even their feet). You got a little time, so what’s next.

The fastest and best way of learning is through a trained guitar teacher or an experienced friend, but it is not the only way. You can also teach yourself, definitely not the quickest way, but with time and effort it can get the job done.

So once you got the basics what do you do next? Normally, it is start learning other people’s songs. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by using guitar tabs. Unlike written music, you can learn how to read tabs in about five minutes. If you need some help on reading tabs we have an article just for you. It goes over the basics of reading tabs. Click here to check it out.

Next step is to find the tablature you are looking for. Now if you are looking for tabs on the internet you will literally find 100’s of different websites claiming that they have the best and largest archive of tablature. So what we are going to do today is talk about some of the largest and most successful tablature sites.



Now days reading and writing music has become viewed by the average guitarist as unnecessary, but what has become a useful tool to the normal rock-loving guitarist is guitar tablature. Even if you can already read music, it is much easier and cheaper to learn songs by rock guitarists in the form of tabs. Guitar tabs have become one of the most important music sources to many and a necessity to majority. It is one of the best ways to learn all your favorite songs by popular artists. That is why it is important to learn this easy to use form of music notation. This lesson will go over the basics of guitar tablature and what you can expect out of the average set of tabs.



If you some times find it hard to follow along with guitar tabs or you just want to learn a song quicker. There is a great new site out there just for you. (more…)