Music Theory


If you have ever tried writing a song while guessing random chords to put in it you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. You may ask yourself, “Do I use a minor chord or a major chord? Do I use A or A#?� These questions can be difficult to answer if you don’t know how scales fit into the picture. However with the proper knowledge of music theory you will find using chords in a song fairly straightforward.



This is a very important question to any good musician. Whether it is power chords, bar chords, open chords or any other chord you can think of, knowing how chords are made and where they are used is one of the most crucial aspects of music. In this series of lessons you will learn: How to enhance a solo by harmonizing it, how chords are made, what makes harmony, what chords to use in a song, where to use a minor or a major, what that terrible sounding diminished chord is for and much more.



4/4 Time simply refers to the amount of beats per measure. 4/4 time, as the name implies, has 4 beats per measure. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3……
A chord progression might look something like this on paper. (more…)


We have seen it many times in guitar books or in chords like F#7. Numbers. 5’s, 7’s, 11’s, and every other number you can think of. Your probably thinking, “numbers, what are they doing in music.â€? Numbers are very useful in music and open up many doors to tricks you can’t even imagine. I know how you feel, but I assure you that this is nowhere near as difficult as algebra or any thing like that. All you need to able to do is count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. (more…)


Hi, my name is Tim. I am a senor in high school and I know how hard it can be to learn a complicated instrument like guitar. That is why I am creating this site, because I have seen how much easier it is to learn to play guitar when you have someone to teach you or something to tell you how to be a good guitarist.

Many of the coming articles will have a firm footing in music theory. You may be thinking, O Man! Music theory, that sounds intense. I know that after a long day at school, you don’t want to try fitting one more thing in your brain. But, the term music theory sounds much worst than it actually is to learn. I am going to break it up into short five-minute articles that you can walk away from knowing more and being a much better guitarist.

I will talk about things like what makes that guy’s solo so crazy, besides just speed, what cords to use in a song, where the heck you put chords like B-flat minor, what 4/4 time is and many other things. Many people don’t realize how far a little music theory will go, but I Guarantee the time you spend on music theory will be well worth your time.

If you have any questions ask them in a comment below and I will answer them as soon as possible.