It is really is amazing how the guitar has been mixed with technology in recent years to the point of creating a truly digital guitar. Some might say that the music industry reached that point as soon as the electric guitar came out which uses primarily magnetic vibrations for tone and sound instead of the natural sound an acoustic guitar produces.

Now technology has taken it a step farther. To the point that technology is just as essential as picks, strings and tuning pegs, sometimes even fazing out these natural elements of a guitar. No I am not talking about Guitar Hero. While how the game was produced is pretty amazing and it is definitely a lot of fun, we all know Guitar Hero has yet create a real musician. No we are talking about something much more real.

Misa Digital Guitar

First we have the Misa Digital Guitar. While it has some completely new elements of its own and definetly strays from the original design of the guitar, I would venture to say this creation still classifies as an intrument. It is not quite guitar, but it definetly isn’t a Guitar Hero controller either.

This design has completely removed such elements as the strings, pickups and tuning pegs. It uses a touch pad for you picking hand to control the sound. It can be played using finger taps, drags and slides.

Every note on the fretboard is sensed, so as you guessed an actual knowledge of the fretboard, scales and chords is needed. This is a pretty cool little guitar like critter. I don’t think any of us would actually trade our real guitar for the Misa Digital Guitar, but I also don’t think any of us would say no to getting one. You can watch the video below to see it in action.

Gibson Robot Guitar

Our second digital guitar is the Gibson Robot Guitar. This guitar is a guitar through and through. Strings, pickups, the whole sha-bang. I guess the best way I can decribe this guitar is to call it the lazy man’s guitar.

We’ve all played with are guitar just little out of tune because we are too lazy to tune it, or played our guitar with five string because we are too lazy to change the strings, well at least I have.

Gibson has come up with a solution to this, the Robot Guitar. Yep it tunes itself. You simple switch it to the tuning you want (about 10 tunings including standard are programmed in), strum the guitar and it tunes itself. The Tuning machines quite literally turn themselves until the tone is correct.

Need to add new strings? No problem, simply put the string through the tuning machine, tighten the holding screw, cut the string and the guitar will bring the string to tension. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, personally I prefer to tune it myself, but it is pretty cool.

Gibson Digital Guitar

The last and my personal favorite of the 3 is the Gibson Digital Guitar. This one is really quite amazing. It literally gives out an HD digital output. That means it send a signal completely free from interference.

The Hex humbucking pickups can pickup the signals of each of the 6 strings individually and send a separate signal. That means you can record six separate lines at the same time. Change distortion, volume and tone for each individual string. This is a pretty sweet guitar and there are probably not too many of use that would trade our guitar in a heartbeat for this one. To see more you can watch the video to the side below.