You got it down! You look good, you sound good, everyone says your hot (no counting your mom)! Now what? How do you start landing gigs? What’s the first step to getting that record deal?

Sell your Music Online – Digital Music

Likely by now you’ve recorded your band playing. If not, well,,,, Find a way.  You might be able to find a small studio that will allow you to record (for a small price), most towns have at least one. Get your songs on a disk and get it in a digital music format like the mp3 or mp4 format. Digital formats are they type you will use to promote your music on the internet.

Make a Band Site

Next make a website to start selling your songs on. By doing a Google search you will find software that allows you to easily use a wordpress blog or other style of website to sell your songs using Paypal to collect the payments. A blog works well because you can also talk about your band, add pictures, talk about your songs etc. and start gaining traffic directly from the search engines. Each person you get to come to your site is a potential fan and music buyer.

Likely you will want to use song clips so people can listen to part of the song to see if they want to buy it. You can link to these clips from Facebook, Twitter and a whole range of different sites to help promote your music.

Music Videos

Finally,  create a video. This doesn’t have to be a high budget video, and no your not going to send it to MTV. Your goal here is to get as many sites as possible to show your video. You will need to have your website address as a subtitle in the video so that people know where to buy the song and get more.  This video should be hosted on a video hosting site to allow people to be able to easily link to the video and stream it to their own blogs. Your goal here is to make it easy for them. Here is a good place to help you figure out a Video Hosting Site to use.

How to get started

If you don’t know how to do all this, which you likely don’t if you’ve been spending your time practicing. You have two choices:

  • Start Reading
    There are a ton of websites that can help you get started. Start doing some research. OR!!
  • Remember that nerd you used to push around in School?
    Suck it up and go talk him into doing this for you. We are talking about the future of your band here! It will be worth it!

The key thing here is to start doing something. The results may not be great at first, but as you start building a fan base things will start picking up. Don’t discount the nerd idea, if you’re not into computers, websites, web promotion etc, find someone who is! A few years ago the only way to get a band moving was to play at clubs and hope a record producer finds you. That’s not the case anymore. You can get your self started and visible to a huge audience via the web.

Once you got your Music Video hosted somewhere shoot us an email with the link and tell us about yourself. If we like the song we’ll stream the video from this site to help you promote it!