Audix om2 microphone

Audix om2 microphone

Making music isn’t just about guitars and drums, you also need to have your voice heard (although for some of us maybe that isn’t such a good idea). That means buying a good mike. Cheap microphones have a muddy distorted sound that rarely enhances the sound of your band. Choosing a good microphone can be tough, there are a lot of them our there and every music store claims to sell the best mikes at the best price, so which one to choose?

Studio or Live

This is a pretty important question. Are you planning to use the microphone for a studio or a live application? While you can sometimes get away with a somewhat lower quality microphone in live noisy applications, this is a very poor idea when you are in the studio. To be expected, studio microphones are usually much higher quality and come with a much higher price tag while. If you happen to have the budget for studion quality mikes you might consider leaving them at home for road trips where the higher quality will not be needed. Really no one is going to notice the difference in a crowded nightclub.

There are several good microphones that bridge the gap between studio and live. The Audix OM2 is a good example. The Audix OM2 is a Hypercardioid, daynamic microphone with a frequency responce of 50HZ to 16kHz. This means that is works well for a wide variety of applications like live recording and broadcast of lead and backing vocals. It also does a good job of reproducing instruments like the sax, brass instruments, string instruments like guitar and violin, wind instruments like the flute and percussion instruments like drums.

Audix OM2 Hypercardioid Microphone

Our review keys in on clear, accurate voice reproduction with resistance to background noise. Three of the Audix OM2 Microphones were purchased and installed to be used in a small concrete auditorium housing about 200-250 people. For this speech clarity was the highest criteria with a second being the microphones ability to use it’s hypercardioid pickup pattern to resist picking up noise around the speaker.

The small, confined auditorium and hard reflective walls provided a good test ground. The very tight pickup pattern of the microphone worked admirably in this situation resisting background noise while reproducing clear understandable speech.

Price was also a consideration with this purchase. While not the cheapest priced microphone on the market it is affordable and a good value for the money especially being that it is one of the lower end microphones of the Audix lineup which includes the OM3, OM5, OM6, OM7, OM11 and F50 lines of microphones.

In short, the OM2 microphone from Audix is a winner that has performed well in our testing.